Who are we?

We're a boutique marketing agency creating captivating branding for our clients. We specialize in graphic design, content writing, web development, social engagement, and customized branded products.

Some say dancing is a metaphor for life. We see it as a simile for marketing. Need a partner? We've mastered the steps. Let us show you our moves and put your brand in the spotlight.

The Graphic Design and Marketing Team

Jon Parr

Jon Parr

Jon is a Towson University graduate with a degree in Journalism. He started writing in elementary school, creating "Dynamite News!" a short, fake newsletter that he sold for a nickel each. He was hoping to retire early, but that turned out to be a daydream. Jon is a huge Baltimore Ravens and Baltimore Orioles fan. His daughter's name is Camdyn (as in Oriole Park at Camden Yards), giving him the exclusive rights to the title of biggest O's fan at Graphic Tango. Jon resides happily with his wife, daughter, and two Chihuahuas (he's surrounded by females). One of his favorite hobbies is sleeping in, but he's accepted that those days are behind (and hopefully ahead of) him. Jon enjoys playing video games when he's not busy working on the house or in the yard.

Kristi Costantino

Kristi Costantino

Kristi is an expert marketer and handles all promotional items at Graphic Tango. She graduated from Lycoming College with a degree in Communications, and brings her high-energy, passion, and laughter to work with her every day. Kristi was born and raised in New Jersey and is still learning all about the ins-and-outs of Baltimore. She enjoys rooting for the O's (unless they're playing Bahsten) and the Ravens while downing a cold Natty Bo. Kristi loves to cook and is learning to become a chef in her spare time.

Abby Cook

Abby Cook

Our lead designer graduated from UMBC with a degree in Visual Arts and Graphic Design. Abby is one of 10 children and was homeschooled through high school! She chose design as an avenue for problem solving and she loves taking a basic concept and developing it until it's just right. There's nothing quite like the sense of accomplishment you get when you visually see something improve over time. Abby uses her creative juices in a variety of mediums, from woodwork to sketching to sculpting. She also loves photography and deserves photo credit for many of the images featured on our websites. Abby enjoys spending time with her huge family and close friends, and loves the great outdoors.

Fawn O'Hara

Fawn O'Hara

Fawn has over 15 years of experience as a graphic artist and loves all things creative. She has her fine arts degree in communication design from Kutztown University and a masters in publication design from the University of Baltimore. Fawn loves thinking through the creative process from start to finish from concept to creation while keeping an eye on the big picture…end results! Her heart is in print design but she loves to keep up on all things technological. When not creating beautiful graphics, Fawn is playing basketball (or baseball, or football, or…) with her two boys, Aidan and Jacob. Fun fact about Fawn, she is a twin!

Fast facts:

2 coffee drinkers

8 pets

5 office tattoos

40 states visited



Our brand strategists will help you illustrate your company's message to capture the attention and loyalty of your audience. By defining what you do and why you do it, we can effectively craft your brand together.

Social Media

Our marketing team can create and manage your social media, delivering engaging, fun and informative updates to your social media outlets.

Graphic Design

Our creative team can help you cultivate a unique visual statement to communicate your business philosophy. From your logo design to colors and fonts, we can help you establish a distinguished identity.

Content Writing

Our editorial team can provide content for all business and marketing collateral, from branded messaging to engaging web content.

Web Development

Our web design team can construct and develop high end websites that are mobile ready.


Our digital marketing strategists can implement an internet marketing plan that will drive more traffic to your website. Increased traffic can generate more leads, produce more customers and increase brand engagement.


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A business without branding is like dancing on stage with no rhythm. It may feel good but the audience won't be cheering.


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